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INVENIO R - The New Intuitive FTIR R&D Spectrometer

INVENIO with Touch and ModelFTIR technique has become an essential tool for most analytical and research applications. FTIR instruments with not only excellent performance, but also high flexibility, upgradability, elegant design and state-of-the-art techniques enabling intuitive and easy work flow are increasingly asked. Bruker's INVENIO R with innovative technology and unique features meets exactly these needs and sets a milestone for next generation FTIR spectrometers.

The unique features of INVENIO R

  • Innovative 5x MultiTect™ detector technology covering full spectral range from FIR to UV/VIS
  • INVENO mit Hyperion und PMA50User exchangeable DigiTect™ detector slot for LN2 cooled or other detectors
  • Transit™ Channel with board level MIR DTGS detector for quick transmittance results
  • RockSolid™ based permanently aligned and wear-free interferometer for easy beamsplitter change
  • BRUKER FM technology covering 6000 cm-1 to 80 cm-1 in one single measurement
  • INVENIO's ProbenraumEasy upgrade for near IR, far IR and UV/VIS spectral ranges
  • Integrated touch panel option with dedicated OPUS TOUCH R&D software for user friendly handling
  • 3 exit and 2 input beam ports software selectable, fourth exit port available on request
  • Superior Rapid Scan, Slow Scan and Step Scan performance for modulated and time resolved spectroscopy
  • Internal MIR source with the novel CenterGlow™M technology providing outstanding signal intensity and stability

More great features are available for INVENIO R, such as elegant LED light bar indicating instrument status, unique powerful electronics unit with separate CPU, electronically coded windows using magnetic mount, 8 position validation wheel, 5 position attenuator wheel, improved QuickLock™ accessory mount with lock and release button in front of the sample compartment and much more. Find out more detailed information and application examples on our web page.


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