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Spectroscopy apps, data management and chemometrics on the web with SciGear

SciGear Scientific Information System controls your (N)IR, UV/Vis, Raman, and other spectrometers and sensors. It stores spectra, documents, images and other data in a secure, flexibly configurable database. All information is available to authorized users in your network or cloud. Powerful search tools, spectrum processing, mathematics and chemometric methods let you generate new knowledge - either in expert mode at your PC, or simply mobile via apps tailored to your specific needs. It can be that simple!

SciGear Scientific Information System

Do it all!

  • SciGear workflowsControl spectrometers from a tablet or laptop
  • Perform measurements via the cloud, into the cloud
  • Find, retrieve and manage scientific data
  • Complex workflows made easy with dedicated apps:
    - Material verification in pharmaceutical production (APIs,
    - Counterfeit drug detection
    - Waste water monitoring
    - Monitoring of production processes
    - Food analysis, e.g. fat and protein in milk; extra virgin olive oil
    - and much more...

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  • SciGear appArchival and search of spectra & related scientific information
    - Chemical Structures
    - Images
    - Videos
    - Documents (PDF, DOC, XLS,...)
    - Bar Codes
    - GPS data...
  • Mathematical spectrum processing & multivariate analysis
  • Standalone, network, or cloud installation
  • Flexible data organization
  • Bi-directional instrument control
  • Full compliance readiness incl. versioning
  • Multilingual and intuitive user interface

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