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PlasmaQuant® MS - Mass Spectrometer for Research Applications Demanding Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits

The PlasmaQuant® MS series offers two high-performance models with lowest operating cost. At the heart of the PlasmaQuant® MS is the patented ReflexION, 90° reflecting ion optics providing industry-leading sensitivity for lowest detection limits. Furthermore, a new RF generator design offers robust plasma performance with a conventional torch design, while using only half the amount of argon gas of competitive systems.

PlasmaQuant® MS Elite: Mass spectrometer for research applications demanding highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits

Applications such as leading-edge research benefit from the industry-leading sensitivity and low background noise of the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite. With its plasma system ReflexION ion mirror and true 3MHz quadrupole, it even exceeds the sensitivity specifications of magnetic sector-field ICP-mass spectrometers.

The analysis of smaller spot-sizes and improved spatial resolution are no problem thanks to the unmatched Gigahertz sensitivity of PlasmaQuant® MS Elite. Thus, it is perfect for laser ablation applications, e.g. in geochemistry, material sciences, and biological samples.

In single-particle analyses this mass spectrometer allows the detection of nano-particles of less than 10 nm diameter. For isotopic ratio determinations PlasmaQuant® MS Elite delivers excellent results due to outstanding abundance sensitivity in combination with the extended range all-digital detector. Furthermore, the series provides LC-ICP-MS capability. Two entry ports to the plasma compartment allow for easy and flexible setup of any HPLC system.

PlasmaQuant® MS Elite
PlasmaQuant® MS Elite is a mass spectro-
meter for research applications demanding
highest sensitivityand lowest detection limits.
MS Elite – your benefits:

  • ReflexION – patented 90° reflecting ion mirror
  • True 3MHz HD Quadrupole – for superior mass separation
  • ADD10 – all-digital detection over 10 orders linear dynamic range
  • Dual connection technology - two entrance ports to the plasma compartment


All analysis data, mass scan graphics, calibration data, and data logs are available at the click of a button with the intuitive worksheet interface of ASpect MS software. Comprehensive quality control protocols ensure quality data for the entire analysis. In combination with aerosol dilution and BOOST technology, Aspect MS software facilitates your work - even for your most difficult samples.

  • Setup and initialization routines
  • Plasma alignment
  • Mass calibration and resolution tests
  • AutoMax for easy method development
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support

PlasmaQuant® MS
PlasmaQuant® MS is a mass spectrometer
with integrated collision reaction cell
technology and all-digital detection system.

PlasmaQuant® MS: Mass spectrometer with integrated collision reaction cell technology and all-digital detection system

The universal workhorse PlasmaQuant® MS offers cost-effective and efficient routine analysis in environmental monitoring, food safety, quality control of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, agriculture, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

It includes iCRC technology to effectively remove spectroscopic interferences and ADD10, the all-digital detection system for fast, accurate multi-element analysis from ultra-trace to major levels. An innovative RF generator produces robust plasma conditions while the gas requirement is only half of conventional ICP-MS. This is lowering the cost of owning and running your ICP-MS.

Due to integrated automatic aerosol dilution, sample preparation times and contamination are reduced significantly.

PlasmaQuant® MS - your benefits:

  • Perfect for routine applications
  • Eco Plasma – using half the argon gas
  • iCRC – interference management system with new BOOST technology
  • ADD10 – all-digital detection over 10 orders linear dynamic range
  • Integrated aerosol dilution
  • Small footprint and flexible configuration

PlasmaQuant® MS | PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 – Leading in ICP-OES and
ICP-MS technology

PlasmaQuant® three-dimensional focusing

The three-dimensional focusing ion mirror efficiently reflects the ion beam at 90 degrees.

PlasmaQuant® collision reaction cell

The integrated Collision Reaction Cell allows for efficient removal of spectroscopic interferences.

PlasmaQuant® clever book design

The clever book design allows for easy access and maintenance. Interface cones can be easily replaced in less than one minute.

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