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  • Watching molecular machines at work
    An international team of scientists from Austria, Germany, and the United States has combined newly developed techniques in electron microscopy and protein assembly to elucidate how cells regulate one

  • Meat and bone meal as a source of phosphorus
    Slaughterhouse waste is processed into meat and bone meal and subsequently fed to livestock or incinerated. This meal could be put to better use, though. It contains phosphorus, a scarce mineral used
  • Laser-based molecular fingerprinting
    Scientists often need to detect and measure levels of specific substances in a sea of irrelevant molecules, and infrared light offers an ideal tool for this task. Infrared radiation is invisible to th
  • New microscopy methods revolutionize neuroscience
    Anyone who wants to understand the brain must be able to see the brain's microscopically small switching units - the neurons - at work. Conventional light microscopes are not sufficient to do the

  • Confinement rules electrons' race
    Ultrashort flashes of light with just the right energy can shine on an atom confined in a fullerene cage in order to knock electrons out of various quantum levels. In a recent theoretical prediction,
  • Tiny structures produced by femtosecond laser
    Using ultra-short pulse laser irradiation BAM scientists succeeded in producing structures on the surface of titanium that are smaller than 100 nanometres (nm). "This is a milestone for the machi
  • Dr. Nathalie Picqué receives the Coblentz Award
    The Coblentz Society has elected Dr. Nathalie Picqué as this year's recipient of the Coblentz Award. Dr. Picqué is currently on long-term leave at the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantu