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International Fresenius Conference "Nanomaterials - Regulation, Characterisation and Risk Assessment of Substances in Nano Forms"

The conference aims at providing compact and relevant information on the current issues regarding the recent changes in the regulation, as well as the ecotoxicological and toxicological evaluation of substances in nano forms. Geared to the requirements and challenges the chemical industry, research institutes, laboratories and regulatory facilities are currently facing, it offers an overview on important topics, such as regulatory issues, the characterisation of nano forms, grouping and the exposure routes for humans and the environment.


Regulatory Developments

  • Update from the EU Commission: Regulatory changes for substances in nano forms
  • (Expected) Amendments in the OECD Test Guidelines
  • The nano form definition and characterisation requirements, as set in REACh: Challenges with the implementation

Nano Forms and Human Health

  • Grouping concept for Nanomaterials
  • Overarching characteristics of nano forms that could have impact on health; Updates in search for unifying nanoscale features that impact living organisms

Nano Forms in the Environment

  • New developments in modelling the flows of nanomaterials to the environment
  • Zinc Oxide as a nano form in the environment

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11/27/2018 - 11/28/2018

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