Die Akademie Fresenius

7th International Fresenius Conference "Food Allergens"


Food allergy - clinical background and food allergen risk assessment

  • Clinical aspects of food allergy
  • Available threshold data, including iFAAM
  • From clinical thresholds to risk based action levels
  • Allergenicity assessment of novel proteins: EFSA GMO guidance documents
  • Application of threshold levels: VITAL® 2.0 and its impact

Analytical approaches

  • Evaluation of ELISA testkits and LFD rapid tests
  • Using PCR for DNA based allergen detection
  • Mass spectrometry - a targeted approach
  • Towards reference materials for food allergens
  • Verifying VITAL® 2.0 reference doses for EU allergens

Food allergen risk management

  • Allergen assessment and management - UK, EU and global activities
  • Cleaning as an effective allergen cross-contamination control
  • Food allergen incident risk prevention
  • Update on minimising precautionary allergen labelling

Food allergen risk communication

  • Food allergen withdrawal / recall: Risk assessment and communication challenges
  • Free from foods industry best practice guidance
  • Is allergen risk communication working for consumers now?

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11/12/2018 - 11/13/2018

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