Systat Software Acquires Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Sigma Series Scientific Software

Systat Software, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of statistical analysis and visualization software, today announced that it has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute the Sigma Series line of products from SPSS Inc. (NASDAQ: SPSS). Sigma Series products are used by scientists and engineers for data presentation and analysis, including the flagship SigmaPlot® offering, SigmaStat® statistical analysis package, and SigmaScan® image analysis software. In addition to the distribution license, the agreement also involves the acquisition of all related customers, personnel, and fixed assets. The combination of existing Systat Software products and Sigma Series software allows the company to serve all the research needs of scientists seamlessly-experimental design, data analysis and visualization, and now technical graphing and presentation-giving scientists more time to focus on their research.

Providing specialized scientific software and services for research scientists and engineers in industries including life sciences, medical research, pharmacology, chemistry, environmental sciences and manufacturing, Systat Software currently offers leading products and services in the areas of statistical analysis, modeling, visualization and presentation. To further solidify its position in the market, Systat Software immediately assumes responsibilities for marketing and sales of the Sigma Series products as well as ongoing development and technical support. Systat Software fully intends to purchase all related intellectual property, including brand names and trademarks, after three years. As a result of the acquisition, Systat will effectively grow its customer base and increase revenue with expanded product offerings.

Quelle: Systat Software Inc.