New Stability-Indicating HPLC Method Development Brochure

Waters® Corporation has released a new 14-page, color brochure on Stability Indicating HPLC Method Development. This brochure highlights the eight-step systematic approach to developing stability-indicating HPLC method development with an additional four-step approach to include gradient separations.

The Waters Stability-Indicating HPLC method development approach is based on Waters years of HPLC application experience and uses the selectivity of HPLC columns. The protocol is designed to save scientists time and money while resulting in robust and reliable results. The additional four-step approach detailed in the brochure allows the added flexibility of either isocratic or gradient method development.

Scientists can obtain a copy of the Stability-Indicating HPLC Method Development brochure (Catalog No. 720000345EN) by contacting Waters Customer Support Center (in the U.S.) at 800-252-4752 (press 1, press 1) or one of Waters international sales offices. Translated versions in French, German, and Japanese will be available soon.

Quelle: Waters Corp.

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