LGC Promochem acquires german Mikromol GmbH

LGC, the UK"s leading independent analytical laboratory providing chemical, biochemical and DNA analysis, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Mikromol GmbH, world leader in the synthesis and sale of pharmaceutical impurities and metabolites as reference materials. This acquisition marks the first move by the Group to set up laboratory facilities outside the UK, with Mikromol becoming its location for pharmaceutical synthesis and a centre of excellence for all aspects of pharmaceutical impurities and metabolites.

Dr Ray Ah-Sun, LGC"s Director of New Ventures, said: "The acquisition is seen by both parties as the natural next step, offering a perfect strategic fit without any product or technology overlap. The financial and technical resources of LGC will allow Mikromol to increase its product range and to expand its services to the pharmaceutical industry, especially in process development. This combination of Mikromol"s expertise in pharmaceutical areas and LGC"s standing in analytical science will enable the Group to strengthen its position in the interface between the regulators and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries."

Dr Derek Craston, Head of LGC"s new Pharmaceutical Services Division supporting the Group"s rapid expansion into the pharmaceutical sector, said: "Mikromol will be a key component of LGC's new Pharmaceutical Services Division. Mikromol's area of expertise - pharmaceutical synthesis and reference standards - has relevance across the entire process of drug discovery and development, and to the fast growing generics market. Reference materials are needed to fully characterise drug compounds and formulations and are therefore an essential component of regulatory submissions and of quality control in batch release. By combining high quality synthesis and measurement we will now be able to provide more comprehensive and value added services to our pharmaceutical clients."

Dr Gunter Funk, one of the founders of Mikromol with Dr Hans Zimmermann, said of the acquisition: "Mikromol and LGC Group already enjoy a long and successful relationship. LGC Promochem, which has a strong German sales and distribution base in Wesel, is the exclusive distributor of Mikromol"s reference standards across Europe and in India. All Mikromol staff will continue to work at our state-of-the-art facilities in Luckenwalde Technologie Park, where an expansion programme is already under way. We feel positive about this change and are looking forward to playing our part in a larger international group."

The Board of LGC believes that the acquisition of Mikromol consolidates its position in reference standards and signals its commitment to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In particular, the Mikromol range of reference standards will strengthen the position of LGC Promochem as the specialist producer and distributor of reference standards to the pharmaceutical sector. LGC Promochem already enjoys a close relationship with US Pharmacopeia and is an established distributor of USP reference standards across Europe, India and elsewhere.

Quelle: LGC Promochem GmbH