Agilent Technologies expands mass spectrometry portfolio with new MS instruments and proteomics software

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Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the expansion of its mass spectrometry (MS) product line with five new products, including Agilent's first TOF mass spectrometer, improved quadrupole models, and a powerful new high-throughput proteomics software package. These new products improve the identification and quantification of chemicals and biological molecules in applications including environmental screening, drug discovery and development, and proteomics.

"Mass spectrometry is essential for a wide range of chemical analysis disciplines and expanding life science research fields," said Chris van Ingen, senior vice president and general manager of Agilent's Life Science and Chemical Analysis business. "The introduction of our TOF instrument is a significant milestone in the expansion of our mass spectrometry-based solutions and provides a complement to our quadrupole and ion trap systems. Agilent is committed to improving our new and existing solutions for customers."

Quelle: Agilent Technologies

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