PerkinElmer Reduces Validation Costs For Pharmaceutical Laboratories

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, a leading provider of drug discovery, life science research, and analytical solutions, reported that its award-winning TotalChrom Client/Server Chromatography System has been fully qualified for use in a Citrix MetaFrame XP™ environment, resulting in huge savings in validation costs.

For pharmaceutical labs that run multiple chromatography systems via client/server software, maintaining strict control over the chromatography software located on dozens and sometimes hundreds of individual workstations is time-consuming and expensive. Since each workstation must be configured identically and strictly controlled to maintain data integrity, new software upgrades and maintenance releases incur high re-validation costs and reduce productivity.

Implementing TotalChrom Client/Server in a Citrix environment removes the need to run TotalChrom client software on each workstation. Since TotalChrom need only be installed on a server, the large number of computers which needs to be maintained and revalidated is reduced to as few as one, significantly reducing validation costs, increasing productivity and accelerating the development and implementation of new applications.

"Pharmaceutical companies are under intense pressure to reduce costs and increase laboratory efficiencies," said Paul Gillyon, vice president and general manager, Biopharmaceutical business, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "With the use of TotalChrom on a Citrix system, customers will be able to achieve operating system upgrades, new functionality and address viruses in less time and at reduced costs. In addition, since no software resides on the client PCs, security is increased and the whole system becomes more tamper-proof. This is important to our customers in FDA-regulated industries."

Quelle: PerkinElmer Instruments

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