Varian Launches On-line Store to Purchase Scientific Instruments and Analytical Supplies Online

Varian, Inc. announced the launch of its E-commerce capabilities for its on-line catalog of scientific instruments and analytical supplies.

The new on-line web catalog provides another avenue for customers to find and search information about Varian, Inc.'s range of core technologies, including liquid and gas chromatography columns, sample preparation products, flash chromatography columns and scientific instruments.

Customers can now browse and search more than 8,000 products and place orders, 7 days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. North American customers can order on line, and international customers can place orders and requests for price quotes by e-mail with their local Varian, Inc. office or dealer.

"Varian remains committed to finding ways to simplify our customers' challenges," said Martin O'Donoghue, Vice President and General Manager of Chromatography and Analytical Supplies, Varian, Inc. "We're pleased to offer our customers an alternative that will save them time and effort when buying scientific instruments and consumable supplies."

The site is designed for both ease-of-use, and rapid location of items. Customers browsing through the scientific instruments catalog can find the item of interest in as few as three mouse clicks. Additionally, customers can search for items using Varian's six-level Advanced Search engine, which uses whatever information the customer already knows, to quickly find the items needed.

More importantly, the new scientific E-commerce site helps companies keep control of the cost of lab supplies. End users can shop and select the items they need, and spot new items that can save their company time and money. Then purchasing or other department managers can review, change, approve, and or order the items. This optional feature of separating the selection process from the approval and ordering process ensures that the right products are ordered, yet the budget is kept intact. The E-commerce site supports both E-mail routing for review and ordering, as well as printing FAX forms when paper documents are required.

Other time-saving features include a cross-reference tool that helps customers find Varian's part number for a product Varian distributes from another manufacturer, or its equivalent. The search engine spell-check catches spelling errors, and presents a list of search terms to choose from. Additionally, replacement part numbers are automatically displayed when an obsolete part number is entered, saving valuable shopping time.

Quelle: Varian Inc.

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