Frost & Sullivan Gives Competitive Strategy Award for Life-Science Mass Spectrometry Market to Bruker Daltonics

Bruker Daltonics Inc. announced that Frost & Sullivan has selected the Company for its 2002 Competitive Strategy Award for the World Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Market. In addition, Frost & Sullivan gave its CEO of the Year Award in Drug Discovery Tools to the Company's President and CEO, Dr. Frank H. Laukien.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Director of Research Manoj Kenkare explained: "Bruker Daltonics is a nearly pure play mass spectrometry firm in life sciences, providing cutting edge products to research scientists worldwide, and delivering strong revenue and earnings growth. The company targets its product strategy toward the highest growth segments, resulting in 2001 product revenue growth of 23% over 2000, with net income increasing by an impressive 62%. Dr. Laukien continues to be quite successful in penetrating major life science markets such as drug discovery and development."

"Bruker Daltonics presently still invests a high percentage of sales back into R&D, with 20% in 2001 and 18% so far this year. Their R&D investment is targeted toward potentially high growth life science mass spectrometry segments such as MALDI-TOF/TOF and FTMS. Further, the Company shows considerable foresight in its new alliance with Biacore to couple mass spectrometry with surface plasmon resonance technology, a synergy that provides both identification and functional characterization data critical to drug development. In designing and implementing a business strategy that addresses current market requirements and future bottlenecks, Frank Laukien and his team are producing strong revenue and even stronger earnings growth. Collectively, these factors warrant Bruker Daltonics earning Frost & Sullivan's 2002 Competitive Strategy Award for the World Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Market, and Dr. Laukien's CEO of the Year Award in Drug Discovery Tools."

Frost & Sullivan Chairman David Frigstad added: "We present this award each year to a company whose competitive strategy has yielded significant gains in market share during the research period. Frank Laukien is executing an innovative strategy within the existing competitive landscape, producing significant market share gains in each segment in which the company competes. Frost & Sullivan analysts expect these innovations to produce lasting, precedent-setting trends in the drug industry." "Bruker Daltonics and I personally are very appreciative of these two awards," said Frank Laukien. "It is a great recognition for the entire Bruker Daltonics team, as well as our industrial and academic collaboration partners."

Quelle: Bruker Daltonics