Q-DIS/R Version 1.4.5 Sets New Standards for Analytical Workflow Management Solutions

CREONLABCONTROL, the pioneer in intelligent analytical data management technology, today announced the availability of Q-DIS/R Version 1.4.5 the analytical workflow management tool for scientists in the life sciences around the world.

Developed in consultation with major pharma and chemical companies, Q-DIS/Rcombines analytical workflow management and integrated instrument control with secure raw data archiving. Newly integrated is a sequence editor toenhance instrument control capabilities for chromatography software solutions. Also new is an easy-to-use web-interface, which allows search and retrieval of all information via a standard web browser. There is no longerthe need to install extra software.

"To meet the ever increasing pressure to deliver new leads in pharma forexamples requires a very productive environment. To ensure fast and reliable research, results from analytical instruments have to be storedautomatically with metadata and interpretation into a database for laterreprocessing and evaluation," said Dr. Thorsten Fröhlich, member of the board responsible for marketing and product innovation. "The fast access via the intra-/internet to these research results becomes a critical tool for companies seeking to improve their product development process."

Unlike general archiving tools, simple workflow packages, or add-on spectroscopy and chromatography modules, Q-DIS/R is purpose built to combine analytical workflow and integrated instrument control with secure raw data archiving. The 1.4.5 release of Q-DIS/R delivers powerful new capabilities:

- A new Instrument Wizard improves productivity by supporting instrumentconfiguration and the storage of instrument data.
- A new Web-client allows users to create orders by simply selecting theanalytical method, significantly enhancing productivity.
- An enhanced intuitive Web-workspace further automates the search and retrieval of analytical orders to improve collaboration throughout the organization.
- A new Sequence Editor enhances instrument control capabilities for chromatography solutions by means of a quick set-up of sequences with a full set of support functions.

Designed from the very beginning to operate in a heterogeneous environment of applications and databases, Q-DIS/R communicates connectivity information via a lightweight XML schema. This facilitates the integration of Q-DIS/R into an existing environment of legacy applications and systems whilereducing errors by eliminating the need to manually transfer connectivity information to coworkers and other applications.