Beckman Coulter and Phenomenex to Co-Market HPLC Products

Beckman Coulter, Inc. has announced an agreement with Torrance, California-based Phenomenex, Inc. enabling the two companies to co-market products in North America and Europe. With its System Gold® HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) platform, Beckman Coulter will recommend Phenomenex columns and technical support. Phenomenex will incorporate System Gold HPLC into its validation process for new products. Each company will continue to sell, service and support its own products, with the exception of Beckman Coulter"s HPLC columns, which will be also sold through Phenomenex and VWR International (in North America).

"Phenomenex has recognized expertise in HPLC columns and supplies," said Steve Blanc, vice president/director of life science research commercial operations America for Beckman Coulter. "Because HPLC is one of the most popular methods of sample purification for protein research, the coupling of expertise will be advantageous to both Beckman Coulter and Phenomenex customers."

Quelle: Beckman Coulter