PerkinElmer Simplifies Analysis For UV/Vis Spectrophotometry

PerkinElmer Instruments, a global provider of analytical solutions, introduces the new Lambda Series with UV WinLab™ V4.00 software to simplify UV/Vis analysis. The innovative Lambda Series delivers superior productivity and meets all regulatory body and pharmacopoeia performance requirements. Unsurpassed design quality, high-throughput optics, and double-beam operation offer the highest possible sensitivity and stability under the toughest conditions.

The new UV WinLab V4.00 software mimics the workflow of a busy laboratory, guiding the user through simple steps for method development, results analysis, and reporting functions. Built-in password-protected access locks methods and prevents unauthorized users from changing method parameters. Only supervisors are allowed to create methods, set up data collection, define report templates, and review data.

For easy retrieval and review, the UV WinLab V4.00 software archives all results and methods in a secure, encrypted relational database. A range of intelligent querying options transforms data from a collection of individual results into valuable knowledge. This speeds up the decision-making process by identifying potential problems before they occur.

The PerkinElmer proprietary Communiqué reporting software provides customized report templates, including company logos, results, sample descriptions, and spectra, using a simple drag and drop editor. GLP information, including the analyst's name, time of analysis, and date, is automatically included and reports can be automatically e-mailed at the end of an analysis.

The UV WinLab V4.00 software is also available as an upgrade for the Lambda 25/35/45 and the Lambda 20/40 instruments.

Quelle: PerkinElmer Instruments

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