New Interfacing Solution from Beckman Coulter and Labtronics Integrates LIMS With Any Lab Instrument

Beckman Coulter Laboratory Automation Operations (LAO) group and Labtronics Inc. announce a new version of LimsLink software, for full integration of LabManager™ iLIMS with any laboratory instrument. New features and enhancements, including fileless data transfer capabilities and electronic signatures, increase data security and improve runtime automation.

LimsLink for LabManager iLIMS v3.1 includes the components required to ensure data security and maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance as information is transferred between laboratory instruments and LabManager iLIMS. The new release features a configurable E-signature option that challenges the user to revalidate identity before selected operations are carried out. All challenges and their responses, successful or not, are automatically recorded in the audit trail. Password, audit trail and archiving functions have also been enhanced for increased security.

A new Runtime Automation feature allows the analyst to simply click on the program icon to automatically start data collection and reporting for an instrument. At the end of a run, a shut down procedure can automatically stop data collection, close the worksheet and exit LimsLink for LabManager iLIMS without additional user input.

"The release of LimsLink for LabManager iLIMS v3.1 is in keeping with Beckman Coulter"s commitment to providing LIMS users with a secure and fully integrated platform for managing their laboratory data," stated Jennifer Calise, Global Marketing Manager for Beckman Coulter, Laboratory Automation Operations.

Quelle: Beckman Coulter