Agilent Technologies announces first step in creating a universal, performance-based LC/MS mass spectral library

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a first step in creating universal, performance-based searchable mass spectral libraries for liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS).

Such libraries are common for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), enabling easier analytical data interpretation. However, because of differences in tune requirements, instrument parameters, and hardware, universal LC/MS libraries do not exist. LC/MS systems created on different systems have not been transferable.

Performance-based conditions, however, may offer an approach for making universal LC/MS libraries possible. The system is first tuned to fixed ion optic voltages and then set to the fragmentor voltage to meet the standardized ion-ratio criteria of the tune compounds. This enables performance-based results comparable from one instrument to another. A mass spectral library developed under performance-based conditions offers the possibility for use on any LC/MS system tuned to performance-based criteria.

For further information, request application note "Creating and Using a Performance-Based API-LC/MSD Mass Spectral Library with NIST MS Search Software," Agilent publication number 5988-5445EN, which shows step-by-step procedures for tuning an LC/MS system to performance-based criteria, for creating a spectral library, and for searching the library.

Quelle: Agilent Technologies

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