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Principal Associate Massenspektrometrie mit Master / Diplom (m/w)

The Main Department "Biochemical & Analytical Research" in the pRED "Large Molecule Research" (LMR) division is responsible for the development of analytical methods and for the characterization of new therapeutic proteins from project start till early clinical phases (Phase I). Your job duties in the Mass Spectrometry department include the following tasks:

  • You contribute to the development and implementation of mass spectrometry-based methods for the in-depth characterization of recombinant therapeutic proteins. These tasks are part of the overall research and development activities for new therapeutic proteins that start at project initiation and continue till Phase I included.
  • Your methodology and experimental work focus on the verification of protein identity and integrity, and in the detection and quantification of side products and heterogeneity
  • For this purpose, you develop and implement LC/MS methods for analysis of intact proteins and LC/MS/MS peptide mapping methods for characterization of enzyme-processed proteins to identify and quantify hotspots (e.g. deamidation) or amino-acid exchanges (sequence variant analysis)
  • In additional to the characterization of protein polypeptide moieties, your job duties also include the analysis of protein glycan structures
  • You document experimental procedures and outcomes properly, consolidate the results and write protocols and reports
  • You discuss results with other technological functions at regular project-specific meetings und also present them at department meetings or if required at project team meetings
  • You write detailed test protocol for newly developed or modified methods, including SOP for GLP-Tox and Phase I material analytics
  • In addition, you support the maintenance of modern LC/MS/MS systems

Who you are:

  • You have a Master or an Engineer degree or an equivalent education with appropriate working experience
  • You have knowledge of protein chemistry and experience in protein and peptide analytics (e.g. UPLC/HLPC-based chromatographic separation, sequence analysis, proteolytics digest or deglycosylation methods and strategies)
  • You have a deep knowledge of the different mass spectrometry types and practical skills in the use of ESI mass spectrometers (e.g. Bruker/Waters Q-ToF devices or Thermo Orbitrap device)
  • You are familiar with the use of modern LC/MS/MS systems and methods, and with the different fragmentation techniques for detailed characterization of proteins and peptides
  • You have a sound knowledge of the use of commercial MS control and evaluation software, and are familiar with the collection and analysis of complex MS spectra
  • You are a true team player and you enjoy coordinating with other specialists, pushing for results and working interdisciplinary
  • You like dealing with different projects and technologies in parallel. Ideally, you already have experience in project team work and in discussions about project strategies.
  • You are open for new ideas and could already demonstrate your innovative thinking and your persistence in the implementation of innovation
  • Your good English skills allow you to follow technical discussions without any problems. Basic knowledge of German language is desirable.

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