Senior Scientist, Solid State Chemistry (m/f)

The Solid State Chemistry group is seeking an experienced Scientist preferably with expertise in the areas of solid form development, pharmaceutical material sciences, molecular and mathematical modeling.

Solid State Chemists at AbbVie work in cross-functional teams to support projects through all phases of development (Lead Optimization to Process Validation). In early development, they identify commercial solid form of the API and develop scalable API isolation processes for early clinical studies.

During Phase II, they work with engineers and formulation scientists to establish structure-property-performance correlations and deliver commercial API isolation processes with optimized physical properties. In the final stages of development, solid-state chemists help align control strategies across API and drug product and transition isolation processes and relevant physical characterization methods into commercial manufacturing sites.

Throughout development, they work with relevant teams to ensure successful regulatory submissions. In order to develop and implement robust solutions, Solid State Chemists at AbbVie use a very diverse set of experimental, analytical and modeling techniques and tools.

  • Bachelors, Masters, or PhD/ with 12+ (BS), 10+ (MS), and 4+ (PhD) years of experience in pharmaceutical or related industry. Preferred educational background includes but is not restricted to Physical Chemistry, Material Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences or Chemical Engineering.
  • Experience in leading cross-functional teams focused on physical properties control across all stages of pharmaceutical development. Sound understanding of overall CMC development.
  • Expertise in biopharmaceutical concepts to improve drug-ability of molecules through salts and co-crystals. Strong knowledge of solid form development, design and control of associated unit operations along with expertise in analytical tools used therein demonstrated through multiple projects.
  • Expertise in developing and leveraging in-silico tools for design and optimization of solid forms. Strong knowledge of pharmaceutical material sciences related to surface, bulk and mechanical properties. Experience in developing and leveraging mathematical models to relate material properties with process and product performance to deliver robust and aligned control strategies.
  • Record of leading research focused on long-term competitiveness and experience in leveraging external innovation and resources to augment internal capabilities.

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AbbVie Inc.
Lake County, Illinois [USA]