Thema: Re: acrylamid in biologischer matrix mit lc-ms(ms)

Autor(in): Camilla Viklund am 14. Juni 2002 um 00:03:01

Antwort auf: acrylamid in biologischer matrix mit lc-ms(ms) eingetragen von Gerhard Jungkunz am 13. Mai 2002 um 23:16:51

I suppose that extraction by Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) would be suitable for acrylamide.
Thus, the sample is dissolved in acetonitrile (centrifugation, filtration etc) and applied onto a SPE in HILIC mode, washed with acetonitrile, and eluted with water or a suitable buffer.

HILIC is based on the use of a hydrophilic stationary phase and a mobile phase containing acetonitrile or alcohols as main constituent. This means that water is the strong solvent. The extracted sample will then have a high content of water and it will be narrowed when injected into a revesed phase system.

We used to do a bromination of acrylamide followed by GC-ECD (in a rather complicated marix) and that is not really a recommended procedure unless the sample matrix is simple.

More info on HILIC is available at http://www.sequant.com