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Thema: Re: Baclofen

Autor(in): Edgar am 10. Dezember 2004 um 11:43:12

Antwort auf: Baclofen eingetragen von Michael Stroekens am 09. Dezember 2004 um 09:24:42

SIGMA Produkt-Information:

Molecular Weight: 213.7
CAS Number: 1134-47-0
Melting Point: 206-208 °C, 189-191 °C (varying
Synonyms: β-(aminomethyl)-
This product is soluble in 1 M HCl (50 mg/ml), with
heat as needed, yielding a clear to slightly hazy,
colorless to faint yellow solution. It is also soluble in
water (4.3 mg/ml, pH 7.6) and 1 M NaOH (20 mg/ml).
This product is slightly soluble in alcohol and
methanol, and essentially insoluble in acetone,
chloroform, and ether