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Hello, We are Sinochem Guangzhou Imp. & Exp. Corp. We are the
manufacturer's represantative who is the only one producing trehalose in
China. We can supply at moderate price. If you are interested in it,
please feel free to contact us.

I have just received new price for trehalose.Hope this time you will be interested in it. It goes af follows:

(1)Trehalose: (purity: 98% ) food grade (crystal granule)FOB Guangzhou(China) USD3.5/KG

Best regards
Looking forward to hearing you soon
Best regards

Now introduction to our product

Analysis report from our laboratory:

Molecular weight:
Physical state:
fine crystalline
45% to sugar (10% solution)
Turbidity of solution:
less than 0.080
PH(30% Solution):
residue after firing:
less than 0.06%
weight loss after desication:
less than2.0%
less than 1mg/kilo
less than 1mg/kilo
Total bacteria:
less than 400 per gram

We are the only one industralized trehalose producer in China. Current
production capacity is 300 tons annually.

We use the latest and the most advanced biological engineering process in
our trehalose production. Cassava is adopted as the raw material for our
trehalose and it is available locally in great quantities. Quality of our
trehalose is up to the world standard and it can meet the requirement of
most endusers in various industries.

Trehalose from our company has been approved by American FDA and EU
resently. Sales are expanding worldwide and distributors who are interested
in our trehalose are welcomed to establish business relations with us.

tel: 8620-81080113
fax: 8620-81084009
Contact: Mr. Wang